Fantastic piece, Eli. You do a masterful job of quickly and succinctly pinpointing where B.S. arguments fall apart. Good stuff.

Secondly, I really dig the Behind the Writing section. I'm just one reader, but to me it strengthens your overall messaging, plus I like juxtaposing your "humor" voice with your "serious" voice.

Finally, re: the "fairness" nonsense, my wife and I took out a LOT of student loan debt, but we were also fortunate to get 1% globalist douchebag jobs. We paid back every single cent of our loans and won't feel one bit ripped off if other people have their loans forgiven. The people who luckily find their way to the top (or more likely are born there) can help support the people who are less fortunate. It's called a society. You can tell I'm angry. But not at you.

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"Look: I care about people. I do. But people aren’t people. Corporations are people."


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Perfect interpretation of what's really happening in our corporately-owned government. Won't be any scraps left once we get finished helping out the big boys first. Lazy, dirty peasants.

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