Sitemap - 2021 - Here's Something

Updated CDC Guidance on the Zombie Outbreak

The Twelve Days of Supply-Chain Christmas Problems

Santa Responds to "Santa Baby"

Other Failed Peloton Product Placements

I’ve Done Enough Damage to America—It’s Time I Do Some Damage to My Career, Too

I’m Jeremy Strong and I Actually Think That, Like, YOU Don’t Get The Joke

Variants I Would Prefer

My Family and I Live Completely Off-Grid

Clifford the Big Red Dog Has Destroyed My Life

If Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons Could Talk

Succession: The Taylor Swift Episode

10 Easter Eggs in Taylor Swift's New Music Video

Succession Meets the Mets

Keep Updog Out of Our Schools!

Topical Halloween Costumes You Could Have Worn in 1996

Squid Games That Didn’t Make the Cut

Hey Kid, Wanna Buy an NFT?

New Names I Thought of for Facebook

What Baseball Terms Mean, If I Had to Guess

I'm a Morning Person

Ideas for Paying Back the US National Debt

What Not to Cook Right Now

Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, or Dawson’s Creek?

How to Train to Watch a Marathon

Passports I'm In Favor Of

Quiz: Are You a Human or a Horse?

A Hollywood Pandemic

I’m Almost Ready to Write

I Wish Someone Would Just Do Something About the Climate Crisis

Vaccine Passports? What's Next, Passports?

What Not to Cook Right Now

I’m Not Wearing a Costume on the Masked Singer, This Is Just How I Look

Names of the Other Babies at My Fiancé's Nephew's Baptism

Everything Is Cake

Too Hot to Handel

New Dating Shows

Things You Can Do to Save the Planet

The Ocean is Boiling. Time to Add Your Pasta.

What Not to Cook Right Now

Proverbs for Your Thirties

Chefs, Here Is Your Baby. Carry It With You for the Next Month. It Will Prepare You for Having a Bag of Flour.

How Ranked-Choice Voting Works, Now That You've Already Voted

Failed Father’s Day Cards

How I Saved Enough to Buy a House With My Parents’ Money

More Questions Louie Gohmert Has for the National Forest Service

I Pay Taxes So Billionaires Don’t Have To

Friends: The Pandemic Episodes

Life Outside My Window

Mare and Pooh Bear of Easttown

Get Your Best Beach Body Ever!

Other Surprising CDC Announcements

The GOP Voting Restrictions Episode of "Nathan for You"

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The Mom in "Bohemian Rhapsody" Responds

There’s No Way to Know What’s in the Vaccine, I Say In Between Sips of Mountain Dew Code Red

I Don’t Believe in Science

A Rare Off Week

Donner Party of Five? Your Table’s Ready!

A Note About Your Sunday Morning Crossword

Questions I Still Have for Yahoo Answers

A Plea From Your Lower Back

We Should Only Protect Free Speech for Corporations I Agree With

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, So Here are 20 Photos Instead of My Dissertation

I’m the Big Boat and I Just Wanted to Know What Land is Like

Things Vaccinated People Still Should Not Do

Comparing Apples and Oranges

This Relief Bill is Just a Laundry List of—Wait, No, This is My Actual Laundry List.

The Solution Is Simple: We Must Filibuster The Filibuster

For Lent This Year, I'm Giving Up Five Stars. It's A Great Movie.

I Vote To Acquit This Guilty, Guilty Man

It's A Defense About... Nothing!

What The Fuck Is Happening?

Don’t Make Money That Way, Say Us, The People Who Make Money That Way

I’m Being Censored, And You Can Read, Hear, and See Me Talk About It In The News, On The Radio, And On TV

Don’t Tax The Rich Because I Could Also Probably, Maybe, Definitely Not Be Rich One Day

Now That The Titanic Is At The Bottom Of The Ocean, It’s Time For Me To Resign As First Mate

New Year's Resolutions I Have Already Broken